About Us

Kennel Staff

Hope Mesa, Lead Kennel

Hope has been working in kennel since February of 2021. She has a dog named Lucy who is a lab/hound mix. She plans to attend Kennesaw State University to join their nursing program. In her free time Hope loves to hang out with her friends.

Abby Wilbur

Abby began working at Acworth Animal Hospital in August of 2018. She plans to go to school to become a nurse. Her and her family have rescued several dogs and also a cat. They love all types of animals and even have owned pigs, birds, rabbits and chickens. Abby especially enjoys horseback riding.

Grayce Williams

I started working at Lake City Animal Hospital July 2021. I have a dog that is a pit bull mix named Rocky. I go to mountain Ed High School and one day will be a R.N.

Tabitha Dussault

I've been working with Lake City Animal Hospital since May of 2021. I have a black lab named Charlie and a white tabby named Doug. I'm currently still in high school but I plan on attending Ohio State University in the Fall.

Wilson Dietz

I joined Lake City Animal Hospital in 2020. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. I am going to Mississippi State to be a Veterinarian.