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Dental Care

Your pet's oral health is a big part of its overall health and wellness. Dental problems and gum disease may be early signs of other conditions, as well as cause other health issues like infections, jaw pain and dysfunction if not treated, so yearly dental check-ups and preventative measures play an important role in good oral health. Lake City Animal Hospital offers many dental procedures, including examination of gums, teeth cleaning, repair, and extractions, which are generally performed under anesthesia for the safety and comfort of your pet.

You’ll also get instruction on how to clean your pet’s teeth at home to keep their teeth and gums healthy between check-ups and cleanings.

If you notice broken or loose teeth, extra teeth, abnormal chewing or drooling, changes in appetite or behavior, or swelling around the mouth, contact Lake City Animal Hospital. Bad breath may also need to be addressed, as it can also be an early indication of other potentially serious conditions.